Chris Martin From Coldplay on Creative Process

Yes, I am a big Coldplay fan.  For those that are not, this video by the CBS program 60 minutes is worth the 12 minute watch.  For one, I think it is extremely interesting to get insight into how their creative process works. And second, I’m always open to finding truth in unusual places.

For example, there are many principles I selectively picked out from this video interview. Here are a few I noticed:

Avoid Chaos – The band has rules they follow. For example, “Not Many Interviews. Always Keep Mystery.”

Equality – Even though Chris is the most popular, they keep things equal within the band.

• Get Feedback – Each song is evaluated with each member of the band.

• Create a Process – They definitely have a process for creativity.

Here is a good quote from the video:

Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically…people like it more.

Chris Martin

There are more little truths in the video. Coldplay isn’t my religion but I do like finding truth in unusual places and this is one of them.

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