Self-Motivation Junction

There comes a point in everyone’s week or day when you start feeling overwhelmed, tired, or just plain lazy. This is what I call self-motivation junction.

Usually this hits me when I come home from work and my eyes discover piles of dishes by the sink and table and  toys scattered everywhere as if they have exploded from a huge atomic toy bomb. Then one of the kids asks, “What’s for dinner?”

Kids are hungry, chaos rules, and my mind arrives at self-motivation junction.

What happens next is my inner psychologist inside starts coaxing my ego with thoughts such as:

“Just let it go to HECK, you deserve to relax.”
“Why should you have to clean up, you’ve worked all day.”
“Why do I have to do everything!”

As my mind tries to avoid reality with statements like the above deep down I know avoiding the situation and sulking will do me no good.

And I’m glad it won’t do me any good to sulk sitting on the couch. Imagine if the more miserable someone felt, the more intolerable they treated people, and the more lazy they were the more they got paid.

Okay, that may sound good to some. Yet, I am willing to guess you wouldn’t want to reward such behavior with someone else – especially someone you were paying.

So when I reach a self-motivation junction like the above example, I start  serving someone somehow.  It doesn’t even matter what it is.  Just start doing something for someone else.  The less I think about it, the easier it is to start. For me it is a way to avoid reality and still address the issue.

The Start Serving approach works for me and here is why:

  1. Serving immediately changes reality.
    Dishes start improving, order starts returning, and with it comes an inner peace because I am taking charge of my circumstances.
  2. Serving inspires others.
    Seeing improvement, even if only by observation, motivates faster than a million requests for help.

In short, self-motivation doesn’t usually come to me like a sudden burst of energy but it does come when I start feeling good again. And the only way I know how to start instantly feeling good is to start serving.


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